Bath - Beautiful and unforgettable


The World Heritage Site of Bath, and the stunning countryside surrounding it, is undoubtedly one of England's most popular and beautiful places to visit.

Most people know Bath as a Roman spa town with hot, healing springs and sweeping Georgian stone crescents that have attracted visitors for centuries.
With the new Thermae Bath Spa now open, it's once again possible to take to the warm, mineral-rich waters in this spa town. Highlights include a rooftop pool looking out over the city and a range of spa treatments to ease the body and soothe the mind.

Landmark buildings in Bath include The Circus, The Royal Crescent, Pulteney Bridge, Laura Place, Bath Abbey, The Roman Baths and Pump Rooms. Hollywood often comes calling to make use of this impressive historic backdrop, with Vanity Fair, starring Reece Witherspoon, one of the box office hits to be filmed at venues across the city.

Pulteney Weir
Pulteney Bridge



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